Electronic correlations in functionalized graphene on SiC (T2)

Project description

Graphene is an all-surface material. Its low-energy electrons can be tuned from massless Dirac fermions to flat band behavior upon strong charge doping. We intend to explore how this uniquely controllable electronic system can be utilized to establish functionalized graphene on SiC as platform to realize and control electronic correlation phenomena. We will combine computational firstprinciples and many-body approaches to understand the emerging electronic structure, when Mott insulating and superconducting surface systems as well as heavily charge doping layers are brought in direct proximity to graphene. Overarching questions will be which kind of electronic correlation effects arise in the hybrid interface systems and how these respond to tuning knobs like charge doping, stacking, and generically atomic scale manipulations of the interface.

Composition of the project group

Project-related publications

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