Upcoming: 2-3 February 2023, Meeting with all members of FOR5242 in Göttingen.

21 October 2022: PI meeting. Each PI reported on the progress of his/her project.

30 June - 1 July 2022: PI meting of the FOR5242 in Chemnitz.

7-10 June 2022 PhD- and Postdoc meeting, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic: In order to get people connected, we arrange curently a first meeting for the Phd- and POstdocs of the the FOR5242 to share their latest results and discuss the upcoming experiments. Unless you have not done, please conact Philip Schädlich or Grit Rauscher for further information.

30 March 2022 ISINA conference: Chemnitz University of Technology will be hosting the interdisciplinary symposium ISINA for women in MINT-based fields from 30th March 2022 to 31st March 2022. The event is designed to support the professional and interdisciplinary exchange of young female scientists between natural science and technical subjects. This year's online-event features the motto "digital work - curse or blessing" and includes top-class expert lectures, interesting workshops and an informative panel discussion. For further information please contact -> Maika Filz.

28 January 2022: Kickoff meeting of the FOR5242. This event will take place online from 9am-2pm.

27 January 2022: Gender equality represents a central task for our Research Unit, in which the equality situation and compatibility of studies, career, family and care shall be continuously and sustainably improved by the creation of a suitable infrastructure and support. In a first step we will have an information event of our equal opportunity office with the female scientists working in each of the projects.

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