Non-equilibrium carrier dynamics in proximity-coupled graphene (E4)

Project description

The interface between epitaxial graphene (EG) and SiC(0001) is a confined space that allows for the growth of novel two-dimensional materials (2DMs) with intriguing electronic properties including Mott insulators, Rashba materials, superconductors, and possibly topological insulators. While these 2DMs are interesting in their own right, they also offer an intriguing platform to investigate various proximity-induced effects on the graphene layer that rests on top of them. The main objective of the present project is to investigate the influence of the intercalated 2DM on the non-equilibrium carrier dynamics (NECD) of the graphene layer with time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (tr-ARPES). In a first step we will use confinement epitaxy to stabilize honeycomb layers made of Bi, Sb, or Sn with topologically non-trivial electronic properties at the interface between EG and SiC(0001). Next, we will set out to unravel the influence of various defects on the NECD in EG. Finally, we will investigate the influence of proximity-induced spin-orbit coupling, non-trivial topology, correlations, and superconductivity on the NECD in EG.

Composition of the project group

Project-related publications

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