Transport properties of intercalated graphene on the atomic scale (E3)

Project Description

This proposal is part of the DFG research unit FOR5242 ”Proximity-induced correlation effects in low dimensional systems”. The specific goal of this project is to characterize electronic and transport properties of epitaxial and intercalated graphene on the atomic scale. To this end, we will analyze the structural and electronic properties by STM and STS and focus especially on local transport properties by scanning tunneling potentiometry. Combining the characterization of local, atomic scale properties with the results from other projects, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of proximity-induced effects including strong correlations in graphene that allows to explore the perspectives of tuning the graphene/substrate interface to control electronic and transport properties.

Composition of the project group

Project-related publications

High mobility epitaxial graphene on Ge/Si(100) substrates

J. Aprojanz, P. Rosenzweig, T. T. N. Nguyen, H. Karakachian, K. Küster, U. Starke, M. Lukosius, G. Lippert, A. Sinterhauf, M. Wenderoth, A. A. Zakharov, C. Tegenkamp, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12, 43065 (2020)


Substrate induced nanoscale resistance variation in epitaxial graphene

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A comprehensive study of charge transport in Au-contacted Graphene on Ge/Si(001)

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Minimum Resistance Anisotropy of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC

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Magnetotransport on the nano scale

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Doping of Graphene by Low-Energy Ion Beam Implantation: Structural, Electronic, and Transport Properties

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