Spin-orbit coupling and electronic correlation effects in epitaxial graphene studied by surface transport (E2)

Project description

Proximity coupling is a promising concept to tune graphene's transport properties. By studying the impact of hybridization, symmetry, doping and quasiparticle interactions, controlled coupling to Rashba interface states, Mott-phases and metallic quantum films will be realized and analyzed by means of nanoscale- and magnetotransport. Charge carrier mobilities will be analyzed with respect to their concentration, spin-orbit coupling and ground state by temperature and B-field dependent measurements under control of intrinsic and interfacial defects. Besides the analysis of samples from project partners, our proposed work will focus on adsorption and intercalation of Pb, Sn, Bi, BiSb as well as organic molecules on various epitaxial graphene on insulation SiC substrates. By means of defined doping lattices, Klein tunneling quantum transport phenomena will be studied.

Composition of the project group

Project-related publications

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