Proximity induced superconductivity in graphene on SiC by intercalation (E1)

Project Description

Epitaxial graphene on SiC, which can be grown with high quality on an insulating substrate, provides excellent opportunities for applications as well as fundamental studies of graphene properties. The development of intercalation of different species into the interface between the SiC substrate and epitaxial graphene has greatly expanded these opportunities. In particular it opens an avenue for tailoring graphene properties by proximity coupling. In this project we will use the concept of intercalation to investigate the proximity coupling of epitaxial graphene to correlated states. In particular we will investigate (i) proximity induced superconductivity in graphene implemented by intercalated superconducting layers between SiC and graphene and (ii) the proximity induced interplay between Mott-Hubbard states of intercalated atomic superlattices and the overlying graphene.

Composition of the project group


Domain Boundary Formation Within an Intercalated Pb Monolayer Featuring Charge-Neutral Epitaxial Graphene

P. Schädlich, C. Ghosal, M. Stettner, B. Matta, S. Wolff, F. Schölzel, P. Richter, M. Hutter, A. Haags, S. Wenzel, Z. Mamiyev, J. Koch, S. Soubatch, P. Rosenzweig, C. Polley, F. S. Tautz, C. Kumpf, K. Küster, U. Starke, T. Seyller, F. C. Bocquet, C. Tegenkamp, Adv. Mat. Interfaces 10, 27 (2023)


magnetoARPES: Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy with magnetic field control

S. H. Ryu, G. Reichenbach, C. M. Jozwiak, A. Bostwick, Peter Richter, T. Seyller, E. Rotenberg, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 266, 147357 (2023)


Simple extension of the plane-wave final state in photoemission: Bringing understanding to the photon-energy dependence of two-dimensional materials

C. S. Kern, A. Haags, L. Egger, X. Yang, H. Kirschner, S. Wolff, T. Seyller, A. Gottwald, M. Richter, U. De Giovannini, A. Rubio, M. G. Ramsey, F. C. Bocquet, S. Soubatch, F. S. Tautz, P. Puschnig, S. Moser, Phys. Rev. Research 5, 033075 (2023)


Determination of the spacing between hydrogen-intercalated quasifreestanding monolayer graphene and 6H-SiC(0001) using total-reflection high-energy positron diffraction

M. Dodenhöft, I. Mochizuki, K. Wada, T. Hyodo, P. Richter, P. Schädlich, T. Seyller, C. Hugenschmidt, Phys. Rev. B 108, 155438 (2023)


Dielectric function of epitaxial quasi-freestanding monolayer graphene on Si-face 6H-SiC in a broad spectral range

K. K. Tikuišis, A. Dubroka, K. Uhlíˇrová, F. Speck, T. Seyller, M. Losurdo, M. Orlita, M. Veis, Phys. Rev. Mater. 7, 044201 (2023)


Quasi-Freestanding Graphene via Sulfur Intercalation: Evidence for a Transition State

S. Wolff, N. Tilgner, F. Speck, P. Schädlich, F. Göhler, T. Seyller, Adv. Mat. Interfaces 0, 0 (2023)


Vertical structure of Sb-intercalated quasifreestanding graphene on SiC(0001)

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Pump-induced terahertz anisotropy in bilayer graphene

A. Seidl, R. Anvari, M. M. Dignam, P. Richter, T. Seyller, H. Schneider, M. Helm, S. Winnerl, Phys. Rev. B 105, 085404 (2022)


Ultrafast electronic linewidth broadening in the C 1s core level of graphene

D. Curcio, S. Pakdel, K. Volckaert, J. A. Miwa, S. Ulstrup, N. Lanatà, M. Bianchi, D. Kutnyakhov, F. Pressacco, G. Brenner, S. Dziarzhytski, H. Redlin, S. Y. Agustsson, K. Medjanik, D. Vasilyev, H.-J. Elmers, G. Schönhense, C. Tusche, Y.-J. Chen, F. Speck, T. Seyller, K. Bühlmann, R. Gort, F. Diekmann, K. Rossnagel, Y. Acremann, J. Demsar, W. Wurth, D. Lizzit, L. Bignardi, P. Lacovig, S. Lizzit, C. E. Sanders, P. Hofmann, Phys. Rev. B 104, L161104 (2021)


Silicon carbide stacking-order-induced doping variation in epitaxial graphene

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Quasi-Freestanding Graphene on SiC(0001) by Ar-Mediated Intercalation of Antimony: A Route Toward Intercalation of High-Vapor-Pressure Elements

S. Wolff, S. Roscher, F. Timmermann, M. V. Daniel, F. Speck, M. Wanke, M. Albrecht, T. Seyller, Ann. Phys. (Berl.) 531, 1900199 (2019)


Comeback of epitaxial graphene for electronics: large-area growth of bilayer-free graphene on SiC

M. Kruskopf, D. Momeni Pakdehi, K. Pierz, S. Wundrack, R. Stosch, T. Dziomba, M. Gotz, J. Baringhaus, J. Aprojanz, C. Tegenkamp, J. Lidzba, T. Seyller, F. Hohls, F. J. Ahlers, H. W. Schumacher, 2D Mater. 3, 41002 (2016)


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Buffer layer free graphene on SiC(0001) via interface oxidation in water vapor

M. Ostler, F. Fromm, R. J. Koch, P. Wehrfritz, F. Speck, H. Vita, S. Böttcher, K. Horn, T. Seyller, J. Carbon 70, 258 (2014)


Direct growth of quasi-free-standing epitaxial graphene on nonpolar SiC surfaces

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Origin of doping in quasi-freestanding graphene on silicon carbide

J. Ristein, S. Mammadov, T. Seyller, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 246104 (2012)


Highly p-doped epitaxial graphene obtained by fluorine intercalation

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The quasi-free-standing nature of graphene on H-saturated SiC(0001)

F. Speck, J. Jobst, F. Fromm, M. Ostler, D. Waldmann, M. Hundhausen, H. B. Weber, T. Seyller, Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 122106 (2011)


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